The Husband of my friend just recently had an accident in their very own home. Our home is where we should feel most secure and safe yet moments like this prove that even in the place that we are most comfortable, accidents could still happen.

Right now, he is staying in Hudsonn inn as the repairs go about in their home.

roofing problem in a new home bought from a real estate agent results in water damage

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What happened was that my friend’s husband was trying to secure their roof in his own. The night before, the living room was damped with rain water because apparently, the roof had holes already and so the rain water seeped through roof and into the ceiling which then slowly caved in because of the water. While he was trying to seal the holes, he slipped and fell of the side. Good thing that he was still working on the sides of the roof so his fall was only a few feet up. However, he landed on his foot and sprained his ankles. He was rushed to the hospital and he is okay, but their roof remained gaping with holes and the ceiling dripping with water.

When things like this happen, it is always best to be calm so that you would not make any drastic movement. A body that has undergone a physical attack such as this is better off if not moved because the body has to be assessed for possible fractures and other injuries. It is best to call experts as soon as possible so that proper handling will be done.  I have a trusted roofing service that I keep in constant contact to keep an eye on the roofing conditions of the Hudsonn inn, and so I recommended that my friend call them.

Shouting and crying is a normal reaction especially because these events are scary, no matter how grave or small the accident may be. But even if you are filled with emotion, be sure to think straight and never do anything irrational that could only lead to further damages. When the situation is being handled by professionals, it is best to listen to their instructions.

I also reminded my friend that when all the chaos was over and the roofing and water damage problems were fixed, they should contact the real estate agent and have them compensate for the damages.

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professional real estate agent provides only quality houses with great roofing and free from water damage

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If you have been in the real estate business long enough as I have been in, then you have already learn by now that there is no one trick into making people buy properties. Client after client, you have to have a different selling tactic, because one sales pitch may work for a client, but would only cause others to back out from the deal.

Despite the differences in the preferences of possible buyers, there is one tactic that remains constant in all real estate endeavors. That is, to sell your clients with quality properties. If you know you are selling houses and properties that are clean and in good condition, then no matter the sales pitch, when your clients see that value of what you are selling, you will surely land that sale.

I have been in the real estate business for years now, and I have learned a trick or two in the art of selling. My experience there is also the reason why I have become successful in “selling” rooms of my inn to customers. And, if there is one thing I make sure when it comes to either selling a home or a room in my in, it is that the product and service I am selling is of great quality. This means great roofs, water damage free rooms and houses and of course, accessible staff or service members.

In short, professionalism is key. Just seeing how this particular professional company operate, says a lot of things on how all professionals should behave, no matter if we are in real estate, roofing, medicine, legal offices, etc.

Professionalism is a very important quality in order to maintain honest and quality exchanges of goods and services.

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People think that those that stay at inns are mostly tourist. While this has some truth to it, not all those staying in the Inn are actually tourist.

Real Estate Agent Asked To Fix Roofing Problem In new Home

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Sometimes, locals also stay at the inn for various reasons. One of the reasons they do it is when they are about to move to a new place. While preparations are made in the new home they have bought from a real estate agent, they prefer to stay in the inn so that they cannot get in the way of the preparations, as well as get away from the dangers of repairs and other things.

In fact, one time, a client stayed over at the inn even when the home was prepared because on the first night that he stayed at his new home, he discovered that there were numerous problems with the roof and it was leaking and causing water damage.

he contacted the real estate agent that sold him the place and he made sure that he was going to fix the house. He said he paid for a home that is safe and free from worries yet on the very first night of his stay, he was met with roofing problems.

The real estate agent was quick on his toes to find expert roofers to fix the problem. While the agent busied himself with the repairs, the man went on about his life and his job but instead of going home to his new house, he went to Hudson inn and stayed until the problems were solved.

When these kinds of situations happen with our guests, we make sure that they feel comfortable in our inn and that their stay will feel as close to their real home as much as possible.

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